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Assistive Vs Transformative Technologies

Software is eating the world. Or rather, software has already eaten the world. There isn’t an industry that has not or will not be disrupted by tech. But all tech is not created equal. Some help in making things more efficient (assistive) while some absolutely disrupt entire ecosystems (transformative) The internet began as a DARPA project. Initially it connected only a few universities. Today it’s pretty much a fundamental right. Since it’s inception it has transformed everything.

The Dishwasher Test for "Am I Rich ?"

No one Knows Anything

It’s actually true. When an “expert” says something, we take it at face value. We never question it and keep propagating those views. Without even pausing to consider if it’s really true or not. Our emotions and biases seem to have a greater effect on if we accept that viewpoint or not. Irrespective of whether we accept the viewpoint or not, we just assume that the author knows what s/he is talking about.


For most of us history is something that happened far back in the past, with no relevance to us now. That’s just not true. A lot of what we consider “far off in the past” is actually quite recent (in relative terms). e.g. the cold war got over just 30 years ago. 200 years ago, Napolean was still around ! The technological progress of man in the last 100 years has been more than all of the progress we have made since we walked the earth.

Co-operation and Competition

I came across an interesting term in a book I just read. The Origins of Virtue by Matt Ridley. In it he used the term “Co-operation and Competition” as a means to describe the “tug-of-war” within the various biological processes of the human body. The same applies to industry / society / economies too. A healthy combination of both is required to thrive. Co-operation on it’s own would devolve into something like Communism.