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Adding multiple certs to an ALB

If you are using AWS and ALBs, you have the ability to add multiple certs to the ALB and terminate SSL there. While it is easy to do via the AWS console, their documentation is not that clear as to how to do it in an automated way. The following is the code snippet, written with troposphere, to show you how to do it. First create a HTTS listener with a certificate: def create_lb_listener_https(alb, default_target_group, param_cert_one): return Listener(‘LoadBalancerListenerHTTPS’, Port='443’,Protocol='HTTPS’, LoadBalancerArn=Ref(alb), DefaultActions=[Action(Type='forward’,TargetGroupArn=Ref(default_target_group))],# Note, only one cert ARN can be specified here, else you will get an errorCertificates=[Certificate(CertificateArn=Ref(param_cert_one)),])